05 Jun 2019
what is tmj treatment boynton beach?

When home remedies and massages are not enough to relieve you from your TMJ disorder symptoms anymore, then it’s time to try other TMJ treatment Boynton Beach. Here are some TMJ treatments you should try:


Arthroscopy is an effective surgical method of diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders. It is minimally invasive and uses very small incisions to perform the procedure. Through these incisions, a tiny tube with a camera on the end will be inserted into the joint to inspect the area. And with the use of tools, the oral surgeon will surgically remove your jaw pain.


Arthrocentesis is also a minimally invasive procedure that uses a small syringe to insert directly into the jaw joint and collect synovial fluid. This will help relieve your joint swelling and pain. It is also used to identify and diagnose the cause of pain and swelling in the jaw joint.

Open Joint Surgery

Open-joint arthroplasty surgery is a TMJ treatment Boynton Beach that aims to replace, repair, or reposition the disc in your jaw joint. Your oral surgeon can either replace your disc with an artificial disc or a disc that is grown out from your own tissues. You will need to be sedated in this procedure but you can also expect to go home on the same day.


A corticosteroid or Botox is a nonsurgical procedure that can be directly injected into your jaw joint for relief. The injections can eliminate lock jaws and headaches. It can do this by disabling the muscles in the jaw joint area to engage in any strong unconscious movements that make the jaws overwork.

what is tmj treatment boynton beach?

Looking Where to Get TMJ Treatment Boynton Beach?

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