25 Sep 2018
Where is the best Boynton Beach dental care?

Did you know that 1 in 3 adults have jaw pain? This jaw pain is known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). Read more to learn about the best TMD therapy in Boynton Beach!


Causes of TMD

Unfortunately, TMD is a common condition among the average adult. A few of its causes include:

  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Joint arthritis
  • Stress
  • Poor posture
  • Strained joints

Teeth grinding is directly linked to TMD pain and is found to be the most common among males over the age of 50.


Common Symptoms

In addition, many people don’t know that they are experiencing TMD until emergency care is needed. You should be aware of the following symptoms for TMD:

  • Swelling on the side of your face
  • Popping sounds when you open or close your mouth
  • “stuck” or “locked” jaws when you open or close your mouth
  • Pain around your mouth (especially when chewing or speaking)


What We Do

Furthermore, our experts will perform a thorough exam of your head and neck. We will be checking your jaws for jaw tenderness and listening to your jaw for popping sounds. To get a better indication, we may take x-rays of your jaws to identify any abnormalities that may be problematic in the future.

where can i find th ebest tmd therapy in boynton beach?


Contact Your TMD Therapy in Boynton Beach Specialists!

As always, we make sure that our clients are getting early results for TMD in order to better prepare. Our TMD therapy experts will return the ease of motion to your jaws again! Contact your best TMD therapy specialists in Boynton Beach to schedule an appointment today!


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