09 May 2018
Do I need TMD therapy in Boynton Beach?

Eating, drinking, and talking are three simple things that should never cause you pain. However, those with TMD, also known as TMJ, may be wary of everyday habits and necessities because of discomfort. That’s when TMD therapy in Boynton Beach comes in. You need to take the first step with diagnosis though. Here’s what you should know:

What is TMJ?

TMJ is another term for TMD. This is temporomandibular joint dysfunction and is pain within the temporomandibular joint at the back of your jaw. This is the hinge joint that opens and closes your mouth.

Do I Have TMJ?

You can typically determine if you have TMJ on your own or not. However, seeing a dentist is what will help you be confident in your self-diagnosis and future treatment. If you’re suspecting TMD, you may be experiencing pain in the jaw, face, and ears that is chronic. You may also have difficulty chewing or have jaw tenderness. Headaches are also a sign.

What are the benefits of tmd therapy in boynton beach?

How is TMJ Treated?

TMJ, or TMD, typically only garners simple exercises and lifestyle changes. Most dentists opt for more conservative treatments that are easy to follow on your own. This is what allows you to have a lifestyle change that is consistently for the better. However, in very severe cases, surgery may be an option to alleviate the pain.

Are You in Need of TMD Therapy in Boynton Beach?

It shouldn’t hurt to smile. If you’ve been experiencing jaw pain, enough is enough. At Family Dentistry, our TMD therapy in Boynton Beach can help. So, contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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