31 Jul 2020

Patients who experience tooth sensitivity may be wary of teeth whitening treatments, but there are ways to treat this discomfort. By treating tooth sensitivity, you can get closer to the whiter smile of your dreams! Our team can help you get the smile you deserve with comprehensible and affordable treatments. Keep reading to learn more about Boynton Beach teeth whitening treatments.

Find the Source of Tooth Sensitivity

By locating the source of your tooth sensitivity, we can better understand how to treat your smile. Some additional treatments may be required before you can explore whitening options, so we will need to perform a full examination prior to treatment. During this appointment, we can take a look at your gum health and enamel strength, as well as check for any signs of dental decay. It may be better for your smile to repair any damage or address any health concerns before whitening can occur. Every smile is unique, so call our office to schedule a consultation and find out what the best course of treatment would be for your specific dental health needs.

Teeth Whitening Methods

We currently offer two forms of Boynton Beach teeth whitening treatments, at-home whitening kits and in-office bleaching. Both are excellent options to get a whiter smile, and they each have different pros and cons. During your initial consultation, we can make the appropriate recommendation based on your smile’s unique needs.

At-home whitening kits allow you to gradually lift discoloration by about four shades. This typically takes about two weeks and the results may vary depending on the level of tooth discoloration. This Boynton Beach teeth whitening method may be better suited to patients who have mild discoloration. Many patients enjoy this option because it is quite affordable and can be completed from the comfort of their own home.

In-office professional teeth bleaching is the right option for patients who are looking for a drastic improvement to their smile. If you have severe discoloration or staining, professional teeth bleaching may be the right option for you. This option is popular because it can provide you with significant results in as little as one hour.

Improve Your Oral Health

One way to help whiten a sensitive smile is to simply improve your oral health. Plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth discoloration. By staying up to date with your regular dental cleanings and following a proper dental hygiene routine, you can whiten your smile and reduce sensitivity. Our team can work with you to improve your oral health and get closer to your goal smile.

Sensitivity After Whitening

Some patients report some mild tooth sensitivity after whitening treatment. This may deter patients who already have a sensitive smile from considering whitening treatments. However, our team can work with you to provide fluoride treatments that may be able to reduce the effects of Boynton Beach teeth whitening. We can also choose the right concentration of whitening agents to give you the results you want without causing discomfort. Every smile is different, so we can help you find the right treatment plan for your unique needs.

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