25 Feb 2019
Where is the best oral surgery boynton beach?

When you break your jawbone, you don’t necessarily need Oral Surgery Boynton Beach unless the break is too extensive. You see our bones are made of trillions of living bone cells. These cells maintain the integrity and strength of our bones and they are capable of regenerating, repairing and healing fractures and broken bones as long as the bone loss is not too severe. In cases of massive bone loss, bone grafting may be recommended to help save the bone.

What is Bone Grafting Oral Surgery?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure wherein your surgeon makes use of a transplanted bone to fix and restore damaged bones. It’s a procedure that can be done on any part of your body not necessarily the mouth. Your surgeon may take out bone from your ribs, legs or hips to do the graft. There are also instances where your surgeon will extract bone tissues from cadavers to perform the procedure.

Why Do I Need Bone Grafting?

There are a number of reasons why your oral surgeon may recommend a bone graft. One, if you recently lost a tooth as a result of a tooth extraction or because it was unintentionally knocked out due to an accident, you may need bone grafting done to keep your jawbone from deteriorating due to lack of stimulation caused by the tooth loss. Another reason why bone grafting is recommended is due to periodontal disease or gum disease. During its advanced stage, it can potentially compromise the strength and stability of your jawbone.

What Are the Risks of Bone Grafting?

Like any other surgical operation, bone grafting also has its fair share of risks including potential nerve damage, infection, blood cot, and bleeding and anesthesia complications. There is also the possibility of the bone not being able to heal despite the bone graft.

where is the best oral surgery boynton beach?

Looking for Information About Oral Surgery Boynton Beach?

If you are considering Oral Surgery Boynton Beach like bone grafting, make sure you choose a reliable oral surgeon. At Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach, we offer high-quality care for all of your family’s general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs. Call us today for an appointment.

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