31 Jul 2020

Dental bonding can be an easy and inexpensive way to update your smile and improve your oral health. If you are looking for a way to brighten or lengthen your smile, close gaps between teeth, or repair any enamel scratches, bonding may be right for you. Our Boynton Beach cosmetic dentistry team can help your smile look it’s absolute best with the help of composite resin bonding. Keep reading to learn all about the many benefits of dental bonding.

Whiten Your Smile

If you are looking for a way to whiten your smile, bonding could be a great option. This treatment is ideal for any patient who suffers from sensitive teeth or weakened enamel because it can add an extra layer of protection and strength. Bonding can be molded to fit your tooth perfectly and looks totally natural. Whether you want to whiten one tooth or your whole smile, bonding can help you achieve the look you are dreaming of.

Repair Damage

Damage to the enamel can be a major insecurity for some patients and it can even cause tooth sensitivity and discomfort. Patients may also get scratches on their enamel when their braces are removed, which can be minor but may still cause someone to feel self-conscious. Bonding can repair this enamel in a totally natural-looking way. If you have any surface cracks or minor fractures, bonding can help prevent further damage from occurring. Any crack in the tooth that reaches the gums or causes significant structural damage may require additional treatment, so our Boynton Beach cosmetic dentistry team can talk with you about your options.

Improve the Shape & Length of Teeth

Patients that have very small or misshapen teeth may be interested in dental bonding for aesthetic purposes. This treatment is appealing because you can get the look you are hoping for with a very minimally invasive treatment. Patients can choose their ideal length and shape for teeth so that they can get the smile they have been dreaming of. This can also be a great option for someone who has minor gaps in their smile. Bonding can close these gaps without needing braces or other orthodontic treatments. If you have slight spaces in between teeth, bonding can be an easy solution that can help you love your natural smile. Our Boynton Beach cosmetic dentistry team can discuss sizing options with you so that we can get you the perfect smile.

Affordable & Minimally Invasive

Many people choose bonding as their ideal cosmetic dental treatment because it is more affordable than porcelain veneers and it does not require as much preparation. Veneers are a permanent enhancement to your smile, but they also require the surface of the tooth to be shaved down. Bonding requires much less preparation to the tooth and can often be applied directly to the tooth’s surface. Ceramic resin is used to give your smile a natural look at an affordable price. Veneers are typically made of porcelain, which is a much more expensive material. Dental bonding can be the right option for patients who are looking for a cosmetic update without a more significant cost.

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