29 May 2020
Boynton Beach Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can help lift discoloration and remove staining from the surface of your smile. Some patients may believe that they are not a good candidate for teeth whitening treatments because they have naturally sensitive teeth. However, teeth whitening can be a great option for almost every smile. Keep reading to learn more about the risks associated with teeth whitening treatments and what might disqualify someone from being able to whiten their smile.

What leads to discoloration?

To understand how teeth whitening can affect your teeth, it helps to understand how our teeth become discolored in the first place. Things like coffee, wine, or anything dark that we consume can lead to staining on your teeth. This leads to a yellowing of your enamel which can be unsightly or make your smile appear unhealthy. Smoking and chewing tobacco also greatly discolors teeth, and it also endangers your overall health. Patients who have a habit of using tobacco may not be good candidates for teeth whitening because discoloration can either be too severe or ultimately may not make a meaningful difference.

Poor dental hygiene may interfere with whitening.

Poor dental hygiene habits can also contribute to discoloration. We recommend brushing twice per day for two full minutes each time. You should also floss before bed to remove any remaining debris or food particles. Visiting us every six months can also help prevent discoloration. Failing to care for your smile may result in gum disease and decay, and it may make teeth whitening ineffective. Any discoloration that is grey or lavender may be a sign of poor dental health, and it can not be whitening with teeth whitening treatments.

Accommodate sensitivity and get a whiter smile!

Teeth whitening is a totally safe treatment and it will not harm your teeth. However, if you have naturally sensitive teeth, we may recommend some alternative options to either strengthen your enamel or reduce discomfort. Boynton Beach teeth whitening uses highly-concentrated peroxide to lift discoloration quickly and effectively. If your teeth are sensitive to peroxide, we may recommend a lower concentration or even a simple at-home whitening treatment, which is more mild and lifts discoloration more gradually rather than all at once.

Every healthy smile is a good candidate for teeth whitening, but we can work with individuals to accommodate any extreme sensitivities. A professional teeth whitening treatment may result in some mild sensitivity, but it is short-term and will subside quickly. We may recommend a specific sensitivity toothpaste or even a fluoride treatment to strengthen enamel. Every smile is unique and requires customized dental care. Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach will go above and beyond to find the right treatments for your smile!

To learn more about Boynton Beach teeth whitening, or to learn more about how to treat sensitive teeth, call our office to schedule a consultation. You can reach us by calling the office at 561-737-1223, or by filling out an appointment request form directly on our site. We can help you achieve a whiter smile, even if you suffer from tooth sensitivity! Call today to schedule your next visit with us.

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