25 Feb 2019
where is some good emergency dentist boynton beach?

How do you know if you should see an Emergency Dentist Boynton Beach? It pays to know if your situation warrants the attention of an emergency dentist. The last thing you’d want is seeing an exasperated emergency dentist telling you that it could wait until tomorrow.

High Priority That Requires an Emergency Dentist

If you had just come out of an accident or a facial trauma that caused at least one of your teeth to get knocked out or lost, then you need to see an emergency dentist right away. Even more, if the accident knocked several of your teeth. Another factor that requires emergent care is when you are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding, or when an accident caused one or several of your teeth to loosen. When tooth or gum pain is so severe that no number of painkillers help, you should call an emergency dentist. Furthermore, if you have incurred wounds on your cheeks, tongue or lips or if you have difficulty swallowing, don’t wait until tomorrow, see an emergency dentist immediately.

Medium Priority Can Wait Within the Next 24 Hours

Medium priority cases can wait until the next 24 hours. Examples of medium priority cases include a damaged tooth where a big section of the tooth has broken off thereby exposing the inner structures, abscess or infection, swelling or bleeding following a recent dental procedure such as a root canal, tooth extraction, filling, or dental implant. When a tooth has gone out of position or when a dental appliance has come off. Fractured or cracked teeth are also considered a medium priority.

Low Priority Can Wait Until 72 Hours

The lowest priority cases include lost or loose dental fillings, a detached brace, detached dental bridge or crown, and a chipped tooth.

where is the best emergency dentist boynton beach?

Looking for an Emergency Dentist Boynton Beach?

These dental problems will require you to call an Emergency Dentist Boynton Beach. At Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach, we offer high-quality care for all of your family’s general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs. Call us today for an appointment.

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