05 Aug 2019
who offers the best dental crown boynton beach?

If you’re about to undergo a dental crown Boynton Beach procedure, then experiencing a level of pain and discomfort is normal, which will subside as you heal. Recovering from it will take a few days at least, as the body recuperates from the swelling and sensitivity associated with the procedure. To help your recovery go smoothly, follow these simple tips:

Wait Until the Anesthetic Subsides

If your dentist used a local anesthetic during the procedure, then it’s important to allow the numbing effect to subside before you eat hard food or drink hot liquids to avoid burning or biting your tongue or cheeks.

Use Analgesics or Anesthetic Gels

It’s normal to feel a level of pain, sensitivity, and discomfort in the affected area of the mouth after a dental crown Boynton Beach procedure. To deal with it, you can take OTC pain relievers or apply a topical anesthetic gel to ease the sensitivity around your gums. Using toothpaste for sensitivity can also help. If the pain becomes unbearable or persists even after several weeks, then see your dentist immediately.

Take Care of Your Temporary Crowns

You will be given a temporary crown while waiting for your permanent crown to be crafted. The temporary crown is fragile, so, it needs special care to avoid breakage and dislodgement. Things to keep in mind are:

  • Avoid chewy or sticky foods.
  • Avoid hard food.
  • Avoid flossing around the temporary crown.
  • Do not chew using the tooth with the temporary crown.

Avoid Sticky Food for the First 24 Hours

After your permanent crown is placed and the numbing effect of the anesthetic has worn off, then you can eat as you normally would. But for the first 24 hours, make sure to avoid sticky food to allow the crown to cement to the abutment tooth.

who offers dental crown boynton beach?

Where to Get Your Dental Crown Boynton Beach?

Recover smoothly from your dental crown Boynton Beach procedure with these tips! At Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach, our goal is to provide our patients with the best dental experience possible through personalized care, professional service, and advanced technology. Call us for inquiries or book an appointment online!

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